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Rinse and Drain System

 Automation of Fresh and Waste Water Control from within your RV

 No more running outside to turn your city water on or drain your Holding Tanks. 

Systems available for multiple Gray Water Tank Systems.


I designed the Rinse and Drain System, being a seasonal camper, because I was tired of getting to my RV late at night after a long drive and having to go outside in the dark and or rain and turn on the city water, come back inside and prop the toilet open to put water in the Black Tank, you know, the ritual you go through when you arrive and depart your camper. As you probably experienced, our holding tanks fill to the brim at the wrong time. Let me give you an example. You’re in the shower and you suddenly realize you’re showering in ankle deep water.  You have to get out of the shower and go outside and drain the gray tank sound familiar? I did not want to leave any drain valves open so sewer odors could seep into my unit, I was determined to come up with a solution.

I am, by trade, an Electrician of over 30 years with a mechanical background. I have always been a person that wants to make tasks easier. I started the original design in 1996, and over the years have been developing and testing the unit for reliability to offer a quality product. Over the past 10 years of developing and testing this product, I’ve found many more benefits of having a product that automates the rinsing and draining of the holding tanks.  While observing the campers at my campground, I found a man with bad knees crawling under his unit to drain his tanks, a woman in a wheel chair that always relied on someone else’s help. During my research I realized that these people left both drain valves open and let the solids build up in the bottom of the Black Tank, thus letting odors into their unit. Like many RVr’s, I was concerned about our natural resources being wasted by propping the toilet open to add water or rinse the Black Tank. 

 Say NO MORE to:

Draining Tanks in bad weather.

Fumbling in the dark.

Sewer odors.


Black Tank buildup.

Wasting Water.

Cross contamination of tanks.

Clogged tank drain outlets.

Leakey plumbing when unattended.

Hauling the garden hose inside.


About the Rinse and Drain System

  •       This product will turn your outside City water connection to your RV on or off from    within your RV, as most RVr’s do when they leave their unit.

  •  The system will allow you to empty your Gray Tank from within your  RV.

  •  The system will allow you to empty your Black Tank, Rinse, add water, and mix any chemicals added to the tank after it has been emptied.

  • Prevent Cross Contamination of Black and Gray Tanks by allowing only one Drain Valve to be open at a time.

 Rinsing and adding water to the Black Tank is done with timed cycles to conserve on water and prevent over filling.

The Rinse and Drain System takes the work out of the fresh and waste water management with up to 7 simple steps to maintain your water systems with the push of a few switches.

1 - Turn on your water.

2 - Drain your Black Tank.

3 - Rinse your Black Tank.

4 - Close your Black Tank Valve.

5 - Add water and mix chemicals.

6 - Drain your Gray Tank.

7 - Close your Gray Tank Valve.

Note: This product does not add any chemicals automatically but will mix manually added chemicals to the Black Tank.

 The product is removable for those that are not a seasonal. Just unplug the Water Valve Assembly and disconnect you water hoses. The product will work on any 12 volt, negative ground power system. If you have a park model that does not have a 12 volt system an optional power supply is available.

The product comes with a standard 2 year warranty; an extended warranty is available for a fee.

Installation can be done in an afternoon by any handy RV’er that can drill a few small holes and connect several pre-made, color coded wiring harnesses. The installation is non-intrusive and will not damage your unit for resale or if you want to move it to a new unit. But why move it, the benefits to a buyer will help sell your RV. If you are unsure about drilling holes in your RV, let the Pro’s at any RV Service Center do it for you.